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Greek Kitchen Restaurant

In the heart of village Lindos and the magmatic surrounding, you find another pride of ours, the tavern VYZANTINO.
A traditional building, built with love overlooking the view of the picturesque Lindos and the Acropolis to offer the best of authentic Greece traditional and contemporary cuisine. In the special air-conditioned space, you can enjoy your drinks in the warm and friendly environment of ours.
The place is offered for everyday and wedding events.


Sea Food Restaurant

On the island dedicated to the god of the Sun, Rhodes, the eastern side is adorned by the picturesque village of Lindos. Kleovoulos the Lindian (born and raised in Lindos) was one of the Seven Sages of Greece in ancient years. In the middle of the beautiful sandy beach with its crystal clear waters, we built the exquisite restaurant DOLPHIS, a step away from the sea.

Moreover, following our local tradition we invite you to taste the Aegean cuisine with products from our sea and our land along with the traditional Greek dishes, all grilled. The idyllic landscape offered by the location of our restaurant in front of the sea, the warm hospitality, the impeccable service by our experienced staff, the quality of the products, and the 40 years old art in our cuisine married with traditional recipes, accompanied by unique cocktails and selected wine to promise the visitor a unique experience and enjoyment.

Daily from morning till late at night, our hospital space with a capacity of 100 people and its own ample and free of charge parking space behind the restaurant fulfills every wish and dream of your vacation, everyday life, or your wedding.

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